MS-6159 (2A69JM4), no Award Bios available, only AMI

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Hi everyone,

I can only find an upgrade for AMI-Bios.
My BIOS-ID: 05/20/1999-i440LX-W977-2A69JM4MC-00
Board: MS-6159
(Infomations from the Ctinfo-Program)

The MSI-Hompage offers only upgrades for AMI, no word of AWARD-BIOS.

Please, can anyone help me, solving my Problem ?????

Thanks a lot
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What is it you need the upgrade for?
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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Remember that you can crossflash from one brand to another. It's explained in MicroStar's site.

Your AWARD BIOS might me for an OEM version of the board.
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Very interesting. Compare these pages:

tell me what you think, MS-6159 or MS-6160????

The only award bios available for the MS-6160 is the original release BTW. Hmmmm....

OT Note:Sky is a Dutch firm, they are about 10km away from the place I work, BTW.

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There's an Award Bios but same version as yours installed (VMP10B2d * MS-6159)
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