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#44744 by barnabas
Tue May 08, 2007 8:45 am
good morning @all

as I have written at headline the problem is a low transfer rate about 70 MB /min in DOS mode with Drive Magic 6.0

with snapshot image software the transferrate is about 750 MB / min, running in WIN XP

it doesn´t matter starting Drive Magic with two Floppys or with temp coming from Windows XP Pro

Mainboard: SY-7VBA133U Bios 2BA2
CPU: Tualatin PIII-S 1400/512/133
RAM: Kingston PC 133 - 3x 256 = 768 MB
Disk: Seagate ST3200820A 200 GB only Disk Primary IDE Master without any device, 80 pol ATA 100 Cable

one very old Asus P2B running as well with one upgradeware SLOT T adapter and one Celeron 1200/256/100 Tualatin 512 MB RAM PC100 Infineon is running with transferrate of 350 MB / min in DOS mode

as well one old ACER ALTOS 500 with one CuMine 550, 256 MB RAM PC100 Infineon, Seagate 4GB SCSI /W2K SP4) on Adaptec SCSI Controller PCI and very old Fujitsu Siemens IDE Disk 9 GB 5400 rpm is running with closely 200 MB /min

regarding the lower supported UDMA on this boards the transferrate is accaptable according the time (10 min)

so in my opinion the Soyo Board BIOS is switching to PIO mode instead of UDMA

anyone has an idea :idea: to modify that Bios or anyone knows about one BUG causing that low performance :?:

anything still is running well with Linux and Windows, happens only in DOS mode

greetings @all