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#47017 by Sherryluv
Thu Dec 13, 2007 7:58 pm
Following the advice from an email from HP I downloaded and attempted to install a bios update to A8AE-LE Motherboard BIOS 3.15. It was a windows based update so no problems occurred until the system was rebooted. I am now getting bios rom checksum error. i have created a bootable cd with awd.exe flash utility on in. I then downloaded and extracted the 3.15 rom file from the executable on HP's website. It will not work. The utility keeps telling me it is the wrong source file! I need a copy of 3.14 and I believe it will work. If anyone has a copy of this file, please share it with me. I will truly appreciate it and will post a copy of the fix if it works so that others may benefit from it.