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I have an Acer Aspire 1830 bought in '98, i would like to add a 20g HD ontop of the current 4g, but with the current BIOS it is not recognised. Info from BIOS Wizard 2.1 as follows.

BIOS Man :Acer
BIOS ID :ACR33000-M12-971027-R01-D3 R0 01 EN
BIOS Date :01/01/97

BIOS ROM size :256K
Chipset :ALi M1531 rev 178
Super I/O Chip :SMC 93xAPM rev 1 found at port 3F0h

Please if anyone knows of an up date and where to get it I am getting really tired of surfing for it. I have tried, without any luck, the Acer web sites (all of them), also the ALi site. and the ATI site, because the only flash I get at startup is 'ATI Mach64 SGRAM SG BIOS'm in the upper left corner right before the manufacturer ID flash.

Also I am no longer running Win 95 but have upgraded to Win ME.

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Having searched the Acer site and the webb... you probably will have to use and addin eide card or drive overlay software.
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Been here:

-> desktops -> mainboard

You have to get a clue, what mobo model you have, first.

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List of bios ID -> mainboard model for Acer:

You appear to have a V58LA mainboard. Check the top surface fo the motherboard for this number to make sure.

Next go here: ... ard/V58LA/

both manual and bios are available.



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