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#55219 by Cousa
Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:45 am
Hi, idk if this is the place to post this but i am in need of help Big Grin.
I have recently just got a new ssd drive with trim, and installed windows 7 on it.
I wanted to change the sata controller to AHCI, but as i went through the setup in the bios, the only options i could choose for it was sata 1+2 and sata 1 and disabled. So, I decided to look for a bios update for my MO, knowing that it is a bit old. I thought this would fix my problem. But then, another problem arose and it looks like I can't find a proper update for my bios. Right now it is 5.13 and I think its a Award Phoniex. The mo is Asus M2N68-LA , and it is from a set hp computer I bought. I tried the bios updates on the hp site itself, but all they say is my computer doesnt reach the requirements for the bios update. Do I really need a bios update so I can activate this trim option / ahci and if I do, where can I get one Big Grin. Thanks!

PS. tell me if its in wrong section Big Grin


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