ASUS m2v BIOS MOD for NV8xxx GPUs (@delete things on bios)

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Hello, i have a little problem with this motherboard, pcs with 8xxx/9xxx nvidia series have ramdom crashes, they released a BIOS update which fix this (rev. 2001), but when you update there is a serious performance lose (around 40%, and im not the only who suffers this) (which happens in rev. 1802/1903), could some1 who knows how to mod bios, do a mix of this 1706 BIOS and 2001 BIOS?

What i mean its, take 1706 BIOS, and add what 2001 BIOS added (which fixes nvidia series 8xxx/9xxx) but without adding what 1903 and 1802 bios added (more cpus supported and some weird change which makes performance lose...)

Or take 2001 BIOS and delete what 1903/1802 bios added :/

Thanks ahead,

Secondary problem, if you can unlock pci lock function (doubt it has it), do it, but its not neccesary.

ASUS m2v 1706 BIOS: ...
ASUS m2v 1802 BIOS: ...
ASUS m2v 1903 BIOS: ... V/
ASUS m2v 2001 BIOS: ...
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