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#60918 by feipoa
Mon Nov 30, 2015 2:03 pm
I am looking for a BIOS image for my 386 motherboard with a VLSI VL82C330/331/332 (TOPCAT) chipset, preferably a MR BIOS version by Microid Research. The motherboard in question is an AMI Mark V Baby Screamer. The board works fine with the existing AMI BIOS, however I have been told that AMI was known for using ultra conservative settings in their motherboard BIOSes. My goal is to speedup RAM throughput by reducing the memory latency. I used AMISETUP in an attempt to find any hidden RAM timings, however there weren't any hidden memory timings to unhide. I was also told that a BIOS from MR BIOS does exist for this chipset. Anyone have it?