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#48759 by super-hit
Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:53 am
I have a pentium 3 computer. Its motherborad says that it is of Epox EP-BX6 company (It says meditech instead of Epox. When when i checked on the internet i found that it is the sama one as Epox EP-BX6).

You can see the picture of the motherboard on the following web-site

I have also found the motherboard listed on your web-site. it is the following one:
07/25/2000-i440BX-W977TF-2A69KPAIC-00 Epox EP-BX6

My problem is that my computer had a CD-Rom in it. It was working perfectly. No problems at all.

Then I put in a DVD-ROM. The computer did not recognize it. It also stoped working. When ever I try to turn it on it gives me error. I also tried to remove the DVD and put back the CD-Rom. But it did not start. I also tried to reinstall the OS, but no luck there as well. :cry:

After some research i found out I had a BIOS problem. Apperently, by putting in the DVD-ROM, the BIOS got corrupted or somthing. :(

If there is any one who has a update of the EP-BX6 Bios (so that the mother board will recognize the dvd-rom) or any version of BIOS for the EP-BX6 then please help me.

I will be really greatfull for any help.
Thanks a lot