BIOS siz error please download the 4MB BIOS

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Hello All,

I get the above message when I try to flash the BIOS for a SIS 530 chipset on a Gigabyte motherboard.

I am using 5SMM.F5 because I want 60GB HDD support. I tried using flash848.exe and it was goin well until I pressed enter to go ahead and install the new BIOS. Instead of saying "are you sure.... ?" I got the message "BIOS size error please download the 4MB BIOS"

I don't even know what it means by the "4MB BIOS" or where to find it. If anyone knows what to do, I would be most grateful for your advice. I have tried to provide all relevant information.

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I'm not sure but the flash utility thinks you have a 4MBit bios chip on your board for some reason. Email Gigabyte tech support with this error.
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