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#55877 by Vargen1973
Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:41 pm

My name in Jimmy and im from Sweden.
For 6 Months now i have try to Asus understand my problem and help me.

But they will not help me and that is very strange.
They say it's the shop's problem...but the Shop did not build the bios or motherboard.

The main problem is that a PS/2 Keyboard is Allways plugd in even if it not at all.
So i hope someone here can mod my P5E deluxe to Disable my PS/2 port.
Or fix so i can Disable it self in bios?.

If you have time to read my last mail to diffrent asus e-mail you get more info and understand my problem.
Mutch to read and i undertand if you don't have time for it ,but i think someone here is my last hope ,my last chance.

First here is info about my bios and where it can be found.
If you want more info im glad to give it to you ,for i hope so my problem is soon gone.

Here is my bios Version 0501

Description P5E Deluxe 0501 BIOS
Fixed some voltages cannot be set if Ai Overclock Tuner is set to auto in BIOS setup
File Size 1.19 (MBytes) 2009/12/18 update

Can be found here ... templete=2

Here is my last mail, and i have wright soo many but no care at Asus Sweden.
This mail goes to diffrent E-mail to Asus i find on the net but no one replay.

Hi,my name is Jimmy and in from Sweden,

Can you please forwad this mail to Taiwan Asus ,they who build bios and motherboards? ,i can't find their e mail.
Becuse Asus Sweden don't help me and don't answer my e mail.

My ps/2 port is on all the time and can't be turn off.
Even of no keyboard is put in.

I don't have any Microsoft products,mouse or keyboard.
This problem give me trubble in Device manager ,(Code 24 problem)

And give me a fault in SystemInfo problem units.
No driver has been installed or don't work properly it's say.

If i plug in a Usb Keyboard the, Ps/2 still stands in Device mangager underkeyboard but now with a yellow sign on it.
On may sites they wright if this problem can't go away it's a bios problem. Ask them who have build it to fix a new bios they wright.

If i put in an old ps/2 keyboard the problem goes away (code 24).
But when i uninstall ps/2 and do a reboot the ps/2 is there again.

When i install a Usb keyboard it work fine ,all drivers install..
But in the device manager i have a hidden ps/2 keyboard (code 24)
And under keyboard i have a Standardkeyboard with yellow sign on it.
And it wont go away ,i have work on this problem for moths now.
And again if i use an old ps/2 keyboard my problem is gone....

Can't you take please take care of this problem ,i have it for 6 months now and i get no help from Swedish support.
To them a ps/2 that is allways on and don't go away it's not a problem ,even if windows report it as a problem and Microsoft to and many sites.

Can someone on Asus care about their costumors and not say is the dealers falut?,like Swedish support do?.
Becuse they don't build P5E Deluxe ,asus did.
It's like to say when you buy a new car and you get problem ,it's not the dealers problem it's the comapany who have build the car.

And answer my mail i send, i know more then them of pc problem so they can't fool me.

So for me ,that can't use a Usb Keyboard with out yellow signs and other warnings about this Code 24 problem be fixed somehow?.
A bios that i can disable the Ps/2 port or a Beta bios that the Ps/2 port is Disabled?.

I have now bought 3 Asus MB and all was wrong with it.
Maximus had cold/reboot problems and we get no help from asus.

My new P5E Deluxe allways think a Ps/2 keyboard is installed and plugged in.
But this can be fixed if you just wanna help me?.
I have bought 3 becuse Asus Sweden would not help me.

I got the same problem at my Rampage Formula ,and im start to think mabye it's a memory problem.
A bad written bios of Asus that do this problem?.
But my memory is good ,have done many test on them with no error, memtest86 and others.

I have all products this P5E Deluxe say it's ok,Qvl list.

All my Pc products work fine ,no memory prolbem or so.
And if this go to the Swedish support they have promise me to fix this and mail Taiwan about this annoying problem.

But when all comes to the end they say no ,we don't help you.

I know it's a bios problem or a memory problem with the motherboard.
But as you can see on my spec i have right products to this motherboard.

Please help me ,im tired to buy a new motherboard becuse Asus Sweden don't help with little problem.
Like a new bios to Maximus when i have one (bad OZ) ,or a bios fix to my Rampage Formula some had same issu like now with my P5E Deluxe.

But i know im tired now ,of all mail and no help at all.
To Sweden support that is.
Tired of their lies of new bios to maximus that never come.
Tired of their arrogans and many more things.

Im tired when i had Rampage Formula and have the same problem as now.

I just want some help from the company who build my Motherboard.
So Code 24 go away ,or disable PS/2 port.

So i could use my USb keyboard with out any varnings or yellow signs in my Device manager.

My Specs:

Product Information
* Product Type: Motherboard
* Product Model: P5E Deluxe
* Product S / N: *********
Place of Purchase: ********
Date of Purchase: 06/09/2010
Motherboard Specification
* Motherboard Revision: Rev.1
* Motherboard BIOS Revision: 0501
VGA Card Specification
* VGA Card Vendor: Asus HD 4870 1gb FAN
* VGA Card Model: His HD 4870 1gb
* VGA Card Chipset: ATI
* VGA Card Driver: 10-9_vista64_win7_64_dd_ccc_enu
CPU Specification
* CPU Vendor: Intel
* CPU Type: 9650
* CPU Speed:OZ to 4.2Ghz ,it dosen't matter with clock i have. Code 24 is still there.
Memory Specification
* Memory Vendor: Corsair
* Memory Model: Corsair Dominator CM2X2048-8500C5D
* Memory Capacity: 4gb 1174mhz
HDD Specification
HDD Vendor: SAMSUNG HD501LJ ATA Device
HDD Capacity: 1TB
Add-on Card Specificatio
Add-on Card Vendor: XF-1 soundcard
Add-on Card Type:
Add-on Card Model:
* Operating System: Windows 7 64bit

Edit: I have try diffrent keyboards and mouse but that did not help either.
I have try diffrent Windows but the Code 24 is still there,you can say i have try everyting a man can do.
But i can't mod a bios or build a new motherboard.

Best regards Jimmy