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#32522 by wielk
Tue Jun 14, 2005 9:36 pm
When I upgrade new MB Asus P5GD1 to (AMI) Bios version 8.05 or 9.01 I get message
"CMos checksum bad. Overclocking failed."
But I was not overclocking, I used the deafult Bios settings.

When I then boot up WindowsXP, new hardware is found: secondary IDE channel. But this driver cannot be installed. In Windows hardware manager I find 2 primary IDE channels and 2 secondary IDE
channels (one with yellow exclamation mark).

When I go back to previous Bios version 6.005 I still get the bad checksum messsage, but no new hardware found and there is only 1 secondary IDE channel, and no exclamation mark.