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#53159 by tomtom20
Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:46 pm
Hello experts.

I will try to explain the best I can about my issues/problems since a recent BIOS Flash Update.

I own a Compaq Presario Desktop PC - Model Number: SR2009UK
P4 3.06Ghz
XP Home SP3

My Mother has owned this computer since 2006. Recently I had a look on the Compaq website, downloaded a tool which automatlically scanned the computer came back with the model I had and then linked to a page of drivers and updates from Compaq. Also make clear this tool was an ActiveX add-on from the Compaq website not a thrid party.

I looked through the list and noticed in 2007 a BIOS update was issued. I quote from the site "RC410-M Motherboard BIOS update resolves issue with the system freezing when selecting Power saver mode in Control Panel Power Options."

I downloaded the BIOS Update. No option was given to back up my previous version. I followed the instructions as per the Compaq website.

Upon reboot, the 'splash' screen had changed to a newer Compaq Logo. No beeps or issues. All was well. Windows XP loads to the Username/password screen. I enter my password. And herein the issues begin.

The PC hangs (No HD activity) for about 3 minutes. It then loads into the desktop. No icons, mouse will move but nothing will work (not even ALT+CTRL+DEL). After a further wait of several minutes all the icons appear and all is fine - The PC runs as every it did.

The long hang after password has been entered and wait for the icons to appear and be able to use the PC (together I may add with the fact System Restore points show but cannot 'go back' to those dates) has to be conencted to the BIOS update.

By luck, I made a note of my previous BIOS version info and is:
'American Mega Trends'
Core Version: 08.00.12
BIOS Release: 3.19

My new Version is now:
BIOS Release 3.24 - Came in a download named SP34920.exe (from the Compaq website)

On the Compaq website there appear no 'older versions' of the BIOS. I have Googled till I could no more trying to find the version of the BIOS i had without luck, but did find this website.

:arrow: My question are :

1. Can you help me find the old version BIOS to 'revert back to' and hopefully put my issues right?

2. Will overwriting the new version wih old cause more issues?

3. If I cannot find the old version - Will looking into the Motherboards jumper settings and or removing the battery etc revert back to the older version removing the 'flashed' updated version?

I am very much all out of ideas, it is my mother computer and now under pressure to put it 'back to how used to be'

Many thanks in advance of any help you may be able to give. I am sorry this this post was somewhat long too. :)