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#37738 by basskozz
Fri Mar 24, 2006 10:55 pm
I usually build all my computers, but I couldn't passup a deal on a Compaq sr1710nx for next to nothing (after rebates/coupons/etc...). From this deal on FatWallet: Compaq SR1710NX for $199.99 after $50MIR on 3/19 @ CompUSA B&M
Now I relize why I don't buy and only build... the motherboard this computer came with has been dumbed down MAJOR (I assume to keep newb users from frying there components).

Apparently the Motherboard is a "A8AE-LE (AmberineM)" and here is a link to it's Spec's and Diagram

After making an adjustment to the bios:
Boot-time Diagnostic Screen -> Enabled (comes defaulted to disabled so you can see the gay "Compaq Screen")

I noticed something...
System Bios Shadow Status: Enabled
System Video Bios Shadow Status: Enabled

I assume if I can somehow Disable this I'll beable to tweak it (i.e. OC'ing and adjusting voltage etc...)

I am not an OC'er, I like to keep my stuff cool, and running stable... but after I had an issue with the new memory I installed (See: THIS THREAD) I have a feeling this default setup isn't pushing enough power to the RAM, and I'd like to adjust the settings.

Anyone know how to UN-Shadow the BIOS ?
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