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#34428 by nina
Sat Oct 15, 2005 11:35 am
#34428 by nina
Sat Oct 15, 2005 11:35 am

I'm new on this board. I registred because I have the following problems.

1) I'm not able to boot from cd-rom, even when cdrom is set as first in boot order in bios. (IDE HD's are set as master and slave on the first IDE connector, 2 CDROM/writers are set as master and slave on the second IDE connector), all writers and HDs are recent.

2) Due to the above, I have to install XP with the use of floppy diskettes.
No problem, it just takes more time, but I bought Norton Ghost and I'm not able to use the recovery CD. Latest versions doesn't have an option to create bootable floppy media. So I had to buy acronis (this has a bootable floppy option).
When I installed XP I got a message that the mobo isn't fully acpi compliant,
(while the manual says that it is.., APIC and ACPI are enabled in the bios),
so I had no other option and installed XP Pro as 'standard PC'.

I use 4 ATA HD's (the two others are connected to the raid ata connectors),
and use the last official bios from DFI's website.
Tried already the beta bios for the lanparty KT400A, but the bios hangs before the raid bios. So I had to flash back to the official one.
DFI doesn't support this mobo anymore, latest bios was AD780623 - (2003/06/26)

I already checked the IDE cables, nothing wrong, everything works
fine under XP Pro set as 'standard pc', but I really would like to set
it as 'ACPI PC' and to be able to boot from cdrom in the bios.

Any suggestions are welcome!