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#54801 by rogon3
Sun May 09, 2010 9:18 pm
I have ECS KM400-M Deluxe PCB 1.0A mainboad.

And there is ECS KM400-M Deluxe PCB 1.0B.

Those 2 mainboads have the same chipset, layout, cpus, and use the same drivers.

But PCB 1.0A has less stable than 1.0B and they use different BIOS versions.

I want to flash the 1.0B into 1.0A for more stablity and perfomance.
Is it ppossible?

This is the lateest BIOS in 1.0A

BIOS Name BIOS for KM400-M Deluxe(PCB:1.0A)
Version 1.0b
Release Date 2003/11/27
File Size 256KB

And This is PCB 1.0B's

BIOS Name BIOS for KM400-M Deluxe(PCB:1.0B)
Version 1.0e
Release Date 2004/08/18
Update Description 1. Support DDR 400 in KM400 chipset
2. Support AMD new Sempron CPUs, L2 cache is 256K
3. Support KM400M B version
4. Updated the New VGA BIOS
Special Note
File Size 260KB <--- early versions have 256KB