Enhanced BIOS wantd: BioStar M7MIA (Not MIA1101B or F)

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A Murder of Crows
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hey all

went in search of bios upgrades and found that my board's manufaturer hasn't done an update since November 2001. However, this place online told me that they can give me an upgraded bios if i paid them $49.95. this makes me believe that it is possible to write up a bios update on my own, or to find one out there.

i want to add or unhide the multiplier functions on my board, see if i can use higher clocked CPUs on it, and fix the power management issues with Standby

here are the specs (BIOS number can't be posted for some reason):

Board: BioStar M7MIA-RAID v2
BIOS Type: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
BIOS Sign On: 11/01/2001 761-686B-Six A Six S Sic B Zero Nine C-00
Chipset: Listed as AMD761, reported as AMD 700E rev 19
AMD Athlon XP 1700+ Palemino (OEM, no overclock)
nVidia GeForce 2 MX 400
Windows XP Professional
Keyboard: Chicony/Inland u-Touch Ergonomic Multimedia KB-9938
thank you all!

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Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
A Murder of Crows
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thanx for responding.

i should mention that i already have the latest bios from that site, and that they haven't had a BIOS revision since November 2001.

I'm looking for an enhanced (hacked?) BIOS that will fix my power management issues (an option to turn on "allow PS2 Devices to wake system from standby" or soemthing like that), as well as clearly mark a multiplier for overclocking purposes...i tried posting a question related to my power issue in the proper forum (Other BIOS Issues> Power Management) but each time i attempted to leave the post, i got a DNS error.

I used the award BIOS modbin6 tool to see what options were left out, and the only Power Management option that was disabled was Wake on USB. Certain other options were disabled, but none all that important that i could tell with my very limited knowledge in this
A Murder of Crows
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Here is the message i tried to leave:

here's the deal: going into both BIOS (heavily) and Windows XP (lightly), i turned on ACPI S3 suspend mode and tried to put the system to standby. And standby it does...so far so good.

but the keyboard won't wake the system up, and at the time neither would any USB devices, so i ended up having to press the power button to get the system to wake up. not so bad really, till i realized that if i had the system in standby for more than a couple of minutes, the power button would not be able to wake the system up either!

I've been told by several sites and people that there is an option to allow a device to bring the system out of standby, but i could not find it in any of the properties for my keyboard.

the motherboard docs said that the board is supposed to be compatible with waking up on activity from the PS2 keyboard or mouse, but i could not find an option in BIOS to activate it. I'd much prefer being able to wake up using one of those, but will accept using the power button or USB device, so long as standby mode works.
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Tried to contact Biostar Tech Support ?
Maybe they have some kind of Beta-Bios
No chance of getting a multipülier-change option in Bios as hardware support is needed ( small logic onto the Board needed)
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Biiostar hasn't answered me yet....it seems almost as if they have abaondoned the board, which is a lil upsetting now that i am really getting into tweaking things, gettig the utmost out of my system.

the trick to the BIOS thing is that someone out there offered me a supposedly fresh bios for $50...and i want to know how, why, and what it does that my current bios doesn't.

i have found that the keyboard will wake the system up out of S1 (POS) suspend/sleep mode, but still nothing works on S3 STR mode.

There is a frequency/PCI clock adjustment for the CPU, but it doesn't seem to be a multiplier at all, from what i understand about them....if/when i do decide to overclock my Athlon, i really don't want to have to mess with the L3 and L4....but i guess i will have too

anyone wit info about the power management thing please write in...i'll probably end up moving that part of the thread over.

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