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#60260 by Rage3D
Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:59 pm
Hi.I have this motherboard and the BIOS I have makes the PC freeze and reboot,and I have to downgrade to a older version.
So far I have found 2 BIOS files for it but I can't get them to flash.One of them has the same date as the BIOS on the chip(11/18/2004),and another one is a older one,which has the date 10/06/2004,but both of them are 3MB in size,while my BIOS chip is 1MB bigger.(4MB)
How can I flash it?Uniflash gives me a "file size does not match rom chip size" and AWDFLASH 8.33(since this board uses a D686 Phoneix Bios)
freezes when I try to flash both BIOS files.However,using my backup of the BIOS,which is 4MB in size,I can easily flash the chip with the current BIOS it has.(a modified 11/18/2004 BIOS that came with the board by default)