fic az31 flashing

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A friend gave me a old Compaq. We all know how Compaq/HP loved to bottle neck their older machines. Anyway I found out the motherboard was made by Fic and also found the correct BIOS that goes to the board. The only reason I want to flash it is because I want to use it as a PXE client. Anyway I have tried AMI BIOS flash and FlashROM with no success. I run into a invalid image with the AMI and FlashROM keeps getting a demidecode issue. Of course im using FreeDOS to do this. I'm going to try System Rescue CD that uses a Linux kernel and see if FlashROM will behave.

Any ideas while im trying other options?
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There is some info here:

From what I see the only one that will flash is the socketed bios chip variety. The other simply will not budge.

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