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#29606 by sulbert
Wed Feb 09, 2005 10:16 am

#29606 by sulbert
Wed Feb 09, 2005 10:16 am
kltsin wrote:You have a second pc that has a flashboard of some sort, either isa, pci or ide. (Ive heard you can actually build one, somewhere...)
Then REprogrammed the original chip, or did you have a new chip that you programmed using c't flasher?

c't flasher is a small ISA card for programming 5V parallel flash chips. And yes, I used it on one of my other computers. I didn't reprogram the original chip since I had some chips of the same type (Winbond W49F002U) lying around - just took another one and flashed the FIC AZ31 BIOS image into that.

kltsin wrote:I also was curious if this would allow ALL of the Compaq boards that use the FIC AZ31 (UWAVE, UWAVE-2, UWAVE-3, UWAVE-R) to actually now utilise the K133 chipsets 133mhz speeds.
Compaq used only 100mhz on all except the UWAVE-3, but left the 100-133 mhz jumper.

AFAIK UWAVE-3 has KT133A chipset. Never seen a KT133 board running at 133MHz...

kltsin wrote:Compaq also seems to have removed the multiplier jumpers also, well at least on the UWAVE, not sure about others...

Are there multiplier jumpers on AZ31? They are not mentioned in the manual...
The multiplier of socket A processors can always bet set using the so-called pin-mod.

News on my tests:
My UWAVE board has been running memtest86+ more than 24h without any problems now. Will try to install Windows and/or Linux (not decided yet) to see if all the other devices on the board work normally.