flash freeze Soyo VEMPro mobo

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Soyo admits that the VEMpro needs a bios revision, it reboots itself at random for no particular reason. I downloaded it from Soyo site. Used their suggested Awdflash v8.22 with vem2ca4.bin and /f to force according to their instructions. I saved the old bios when offered. First try it said file not recognized or something similar. I rebooted (scared me to death!) and after checking to make sure that everything still worked I tryed it again and this time it forze at the point where the bottom of the screen said DON'T reboot or power down. I've searched your site and google. you have the most info but I think I must be missing something. I rebooted and the system still works but it seems to have the old bios stil. Any suggestions?TIA
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Try again with a different version of the flasher or with Uniflash ?
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