Gateway BIOS to Intel BIOS on a Intel D845GRG

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Hi, I have a D845GRG gateway motherboard and I would like to load a intel bios instead of the gateway.

Please don't tell me:

- You can't do it its a very proprietary board
- lol, why waste your time on a pos mobo like that
- its impossible

People have done this before, I just need the files and specific instructions on how to do it
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The only way known is using the recovery flash method.

Download the latest bios here ... 3&lang=eng
and make the bios update diskette per the instructions.

Power off the system with the D845GRG, put this floppy in the floppy drive, make sure there's no other harddisk/cd/dvd/floppy drives connected. Remove the only jumper that is on the board (remember the position!).

Power on the system, wait for one beep, then 2 beeps and the floppy stopping to read. Power off the system, put back the jumper, power on the system.

Good luck.

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