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#46718 by trodas
Sun Nov 18, 2007 2:17 am
I recently recapped two these "Sparkle" GF2MX400 64MB AGP cards. They run beautifully, I removed the CE filters to get even cleaner image and so on... Quite good cards for folding/testing machines.

And I started to use one in testing and... and I wanted to remove the sign-on message. Easy tweak with bios. I saved the bios using nVflash 5.57 , tweaked it using Ray Adams nVidia bios editor v1.0 RC3 and then I wanted to flash it back, but bummer! Flash chip is not supported :(

I tried several older versions of nVflash (does this even have a sense?) as well as the WFflash 7.1 but it also does NOT recognize the flash type.

On the GFX card, there is the flash as:

PMC Flash

Anyone know a flasher that does suppor this suxxka? :?: