How can SST/Winbond parts be a panacea?

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I've noticed that companies that specialise in BIOS reprogramming/part replacement use only a limited number of flash ROM manufacturers. Recoverybios for instance claims only to use Winbond and SST for it's PLCC32/DIP32 parts.

From previous information I've gleaned on this board surely they must experience problems with their replacement ROM's not being 100% compatible in customer's motherboards. I would have thought that writing DMI and ESCD information to SST and Winbond parts if the BIOS image was not "factory aware" of Winbond and SST programming would be a problem when running Windows with PnP devices, etc?

Has anyone had such incompatibility problems (maybe they are not a real problem?) or am I only focusing on what may be a very small number of incompatibilities in the scheme of things?

Thanks for any help.



ps Mods, if this thread is better off in another forum, i.e."high tech BIOS issues" then please move. Thanks.
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