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#32604 by DT2
Sat Jun 18, 2005 1:10 pm
Hello everyone

I've managed to flash my GA-K8NS Pro board with a plain GA-K8NS Bios (F11), using the @BIOS program from Windows. I didn't intend to of course and I realise that a lot of readers will now be calling me a silly person or something like but Gigabyte's site showed the plain bios on their list of new updates and I just thought it was for both.

Anyway the system works absoletely fine without any issues, but I want to get the correct Bios in. @BIOS now refuses to accept the file for the Pro board and Qflash won't do it as the new bin file is larger than the active BIOS. I can't see Dual Flash - presumably as the system boots merrily.

I've Cleared CMOS by shorting the link but of course that just resets the active Bios default values.

Does anyone know what would happend if I boot to a floppy and use the Award flash program ? If it fails will Dual Bios then appear ?

I've subsequently downloaded the F10 package for the Pro board and it includes a flashing programme called Flash885. Does anyone know of this program ?

Cheers for any help