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#36239 by Rabi_Doe
Wed Jan 18, 2006 2:39 pm
M559 board / Win98 / 64MB SIMM Ram
I'm trying to get a Bios Update for a Utron-F UT801X board (with Elpina mark on underside).
Problems with sound CM8330/HT1869v+ causing crashes, updated driver (so I thought) and problem getting by startup now. I intend uninstalling and using version from CMedia site, though I'd be tempted to try WDM version if it was compatible. (If I get it stabilised will update to 98SE straight away)
Current BIOS is AmiBios v2.5, date 12-15-97 (ID string gives original 071595 date) I took the sticker off the BIOS chip to reveal markings of:


- Bios has no option for making Floppy 1st Boot Device, also want to install Samsung SV4084H 40GB HDD but not sure which BIOS I need to have >8GB and >32Gb support. Current HDD is 2.1GB Seagate.
I have 5590228s.ROM (date 02/28/98) from PcChips site;

also 5590123s.bin (Unknown date);

and 990225-65.ROM - ReadMe states "Final Eval for HolTek HT6552 I/O chipset. Bios supports Cyrix MII 266/300 cpu"
The Link to the pcchips ftp site (from another post) for this one wont allow logging in to access.
I also need to be sure of which AmiFlash Util to use - is closest to original dates 10-5-1998 but I have 807.exe (14-1-1999) and a couple more recent.

Any ideas or suggestions. Particularly for which Flasher, booting from floppy, and Large HDD - though I have Disk Manager if necessary.
Thanks for all assistance offered, getting desperate now...