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#17271 by Mike1971
Sat Jun 14, 2003 1:30 am
I have searched your forum and many others for this elusive bios, so now I post the question, Where can I get an updated bios for this board?
Fujitsu-siemens and Msi both will not respond to repeated e-mails and phone calls, so here I am with this Jetson@home computer (mobo at least)
with no way of getting an upgraded bios or cpu support. I get nothing and it is all free of charge.
Sorry for ranting not the time or place, but I am truly at my wits end.
It is an MSI board built for Fujitsu-siemens for the Jetson@home series computer:
MS6353 VER20B MS:5992 VER1(next to modem) and N1996
Don't know if any of these will help but hey what do I have to lose?

The thing is it reads my xp1700 @1150Mhz and will lock up trying to play dvd's, sounds like bios to me, but I have been wrong before.