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#46087 by jbeazell
Fri Sep 14, 2007 12:43 am
So, I did two bad things over the past weekend :

first, I attempted to flash my emachines T6534 with the native MSI BIOS (the board is actually a K8NGM2-L -- although the board is printed with K8NGM2-H -- model # 7207). This caused all sorts of problems. I'm able to get the machine too boot, now, but the onboard video is dead, and my onboard network adaptor doesn't quite work. The system boots, and is stable enough, but I'd like to get the correct ROM back in there.

Does anybody have a ROM for an eMachines T6534??

my second bad thing is that while performing this 'upgrade' I used a boot CD to flash it. I accidentally left this boot CD in my other MSI-boarded computer, and it blew away the entire BIOS, including the boot block. I've attempted the BIOS recovery using a floppy and a ROM titled AMIBOOT.ROM while holding down CTRL+HOME, but the system doesn't even read the floppy. I"m assuming that my bootblock has been blown away. Is there anything that I can do to restore this machine? The mother board is an MSI K9N6SGM-V (model # 7309).