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#43155 by G
Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:09 am
I upgraded the bios on a Gateway computer that there web site said was the proper one. I got the old Phoenix bios 4A4LLOXO.15A.0014.P11 flashed with the upgrade one 4A4LLOXO.15A.0023.P18 and it would not get post and hang. After reading some forums I found another person who had the same thing happen and found it was the STB AGPVideo card that was not wanting to work with the new bios. I installed a pci video card in and it worked fine and the old agp card worked in another machine. To no avail Gateway says they only have the new bios version available and I would like to flash it back to the old. If anyone has any info on where I could get or find one of the old version I would appreciate the help. Thank you