Replaced BIOS chip in mobo, now freezes on startup...

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Okay here's the deal: tried upgrading BIOS on my own, stupid bloke helping me didn't tell me I had to disable all USB deviced, upgrade failed, chip was useless.

Brought it in to local repair shop who by some miracle happened to program ROM chips. Couldn't program my ROM chip, insteal programmed and installed an EEPROM chip in my PC. Boots up initially okay but freezes once it gets into disk work, like Scandisk, OS installation, floppy drive, etc.

What could be the problem. I am really angry over this, as I have just spent $350 on new parts, and now $150 ontop of that for this chip stuff. I know have no money left and a dead PC loaded with new parts.

PLEASE help me.
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If your HDD is capable of UDMA66 or greater and your motherboard's chipset is not, some versions of BIOS will still try to set UDMA66. This will cause hangs during disk operation. To test this, check the post on setting UDMA mode using the Manufaturer's utility in the "Collected Wisdom" forum and set the UDMA mode to UDMA33. Disabling UDMA in the BIOS may be a temporary solution, but some OSes will "know better" and re-enable it.
Hope that helps.
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