Update for a Daewoo motherboard.

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I have an old Daewoo motherboard, and I have to flash it for some reasons.

here what CtBios tell me :

Computer ID -> FC, Type : AI
Bios Date -> 04/14/99
Award BIOS found -> Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG
Award ID-String -> 04/14/99-i440BX-ITE8679-CB641XBXC-00
Board/BIOS-Version -> V.641/646.08

So it's the good old I440BX chipset, but manufactured by Daewoo (CB641XBXC), so I go in the Daewoo web-site, but it's 404.
In fact, I remember that Daewoo is dead last year (the hardware section at least), there is no more support from them.

Anybody know where I can find an update for my BIOS ?

Thak you a lot :)

(and sorry for my english, it's not my mothertongue)
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The latest BIOS is:
It can be get for example here:
username: drivers
password: all
Patched and tested BIOSes are at http://wims.rainbow-software.org
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