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#62981 by nicolae788
Fri Dec 16, 2016 5:20 pm

Can anyone help me with a bios image for Vectra_VLi8_PIII, motherboard model KZM-6120 by FIC computer. On their ftp archive i could not find anything related to this motherboard. Also i am unable to find the HP archive ftp , as i know they have something like this but lost the reference to it.

Also i need some instructions on creating a bootable diskette for this model if there are any special considerations...executable involved in flashing without a screen and general diskette setup. I am asking this because on the MB i have a switch which can put the system into recovery mode but of course it needs the file on a floppy.... i have the user manual for this system , but no reference to crisis situations and how to handle

Thank you very much in advance