Whats the latest BIOS for this board?

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This is the BIOS string for this motherboard i430TX-2A59IL1CC-00.

I have had a look in the Award BIOS ID's section and came across this 2A59IL1CC-00: Flamingo(??) MB-FLM-TX01 or Lucky Star 5I-TX1 and as the actual motherboard has 5I-TX1 printed on it i gather it is the Lucky-Star. The board is a Revision 1.2 and the BIOS date/code is P54C/P55C 97/5/8 Rev. 2.0 TX1.

I was wondering what the latest BIOS Revision was for this board and if it fixed or added any new features etc. for the board.

Thanks in advance.
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I have this board too. There are two BIOSes:

P54C/P55C 97/8/13 O1-000 (AT/ATX)
P54/P55C 98/7/16 O2-006 AT/ATX

(at http://www.nix.ru/support/drivers.html? ... vendor=191)

Looks like there are 2 board versions but I don't know what's different.
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Hi Rainbow thanks for the reply.

I have been doing some more searching for this board and have come across a couple websites with some clues. It appears there were a few revisions for this board according to one site ( http://www.plasma-online.de/index.html? ... ystar.html )

P55CE 5I-TX1 v3.0 06/11/1998-i430TX-2A59IL1CC-00
07/18/97-i430TX-2A59IL1CC-00 i430TX 4PCI 3ISA 4SIMM 2DIMM

P55CE 5I-TX1 v2.1 08/12/97-i430TX-2A59IL1CC-00
05/20/97-i430TX-2A59IL1CC-00 i430TX 4PCI 3ISA 4SIMM 2DIMM UMC 8680

P55CE 5I-TX1 v1.2 05/08/97-i430TX-2A59IL1CC-00 i430TX 4PCI 3ISA 4SIMM 2DIMM ITE8679F-A

Also this website http://web.tiscali.it/acorp/?http://web ... -datab.htm has a couple of different BIOS's but I'm guessing that there are newer revisions.

Then there is this site http://ftp.vworld.ru/Drivers/BIOS/lucky-star/5I-TX1/ that has a BIOS but I have no idea how to find out the date on it as it is just a .bin.

This site has a couple things as well http://www.comimpex.cz/support/HARDWARE ... el/5I-TX1/

Thanks again.
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Download the BA tool from


or a dos version of this tools

Execute it on your pc and save the test results in a text file
Send me the file bios.txt or post it

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Can this thing distinguish between different I/O chips then? Because that's the difference and it's vital he gets the right version.

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edwin wrote:Can this thing distinguish between different I/O chips then?
Unicore BIOS Agent ? I hope so, or Wim wouldn't put it on the banner at the top of the homepage, would he ? ;)
Because that's the difference and it's vital he gets the right version.
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