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#42937 by baddbob
Sat Jan 06, 2007 1:36 am
Hello all, I am a new member of these forums although I have read them for a while. My question is this, I have a pavilion a1330n PC with athlon 64 3800+ processor which is stock other than I installed a visiontek x1300 graphics card with 512 meg memory. I also did away with the media center xp pro software that came with it and installed windows xp home instead. Now to my question, as I am sure most of you are aware these machines come stock with a somewhat crippled bios that really does not allow you to perform any substantial changes to the system. My machine came stock with the Phoenix 3.13 version bios. While I have no real complaints about my systems performance I was wondering if I would see any substantial benefit to flashing the bios to the 3.14 version. Does flashing to 3.14 boost performance, will it unlock any options that are currently hidden? While my system performs well I must confess that I am a compulsive tweaker, I use atitool to OC my video card but as I mentioned there is very little I can do about tweaking the pc itself due to the bios being in cripple mode. I welcome any comments or opinions, thank you.