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Hey ,

I have a big problem....

well , Have a Biostar Mainboard with a VIA Chip , Model M6VBE-A !

PC says at startup :

AWARD Modular BIOS v.4.51PG
VBE-A 0323B
AWARD Plug and Play BIOS Extension v.1.0A

My 80 GB Harddisk isn't recognized by the BIOS , there is the 32 GB limit :( .

On Wims page I found the 32/64 GB patch for my board .

It was a zipped file , extracted the file , made a start disk and copied the file , together with the AWARD Bios flasher from the Biostar website on the disk .

Restarted with the disk , started the flasher and told him the file name of the .rom or .bin ( copied both on the disk ) .

Well , after the optional Saving-Old Bios -- Question the program should start but didn't , it told me everytime following message :

" The program file's part number does not match with your system " !

But i downloaded exactly the file for my motherboard , the Biostar M6VBE-A !

Can anybody please help me , it's a big problem .
I need my 80 GB harddisk !

Very thankfully ,


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Please post your full Bios-ID - just to be sure you really have a M6VBE-a and not one of the two M6VBE !

I have a newer Bios than the patched version and I'll send it per Mail if you confirm the Bios-ID
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