Wanted: IBM/Hitachi DiskManager 2000

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Hello everybody,

I'm searching for a recent (preferrably the latest published) version of IBM's/Hitachi's DiskManager 2000 - they unfortunately have removed this tool from the download site @ www.hgst.com, "because systems with Windows XP and 2000 don't require it" (which is only half true - how can the operating system come up when the BIOS chokes on the drive's size and refuses to work?).
So if anybody out there has a version of this tool, i'd be very happy to hear from you - I'll send you a PN with my eMail adress then.

Thanks a lot,

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Tried using the Feature Tool to change the reported size to 33.6GB ? That should make it possible to boot the installer, and is part of what the Disk Manager did in recent versions. Alternatively, turn off the autodetect and set the drive up manually (I remember setting up 48MB drives as 10MB to load DM 3.1 on a 286 system).
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I didn't try this - it was not neccessary: I was given a link to a not-too-old release of this software in another forum. Drive is working!

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Here's the Link I gave you :
http://service.boulder.ibm.com/storage/ ... m_2000.exe

With thanks to www.station-drivers.com

Just in case someone needs this software,too
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Thanx, for posting the link. Works great windows xp recognised my
60 gig hitachi drive instantly after I used it. :P 8) :P
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