Help with HP ZE4547wm Bios Flash Please ???

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I had to replace the mobo in my ze4547wm, I got a board from a
Compaq 2100, same part number, and it works fine. The only problem is when the laptop boots up I get the old Compaq logo at the start. I've already flashed the bios with the latest from the HP site, but I still get the Compaq Logo. I'm very familiar with flashing with Awdfash and using command lines with a floppy drive, but laptops are a new area, and the pheonix flash in windows is all automatic, and the laptop dosen't have a floppy drive. Can the logo be changed ??? Any help would be great. Thanks.
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You would need to somehow get the entire BIOS erased and start fresh with the new HP version. Exactly how to do this and how dangerous it is I don't know for sure.
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