cannot install windows blue screen on logo boot block ?

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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hi ppl

i recently bought a asrock 775Twins-HDTV R2.0 motherboard and a new 160gb hard drive put my cpu in and started to load windows, i got through all 6 disks and to the part where it says insert the xp disk and press enter but as soon as i do this the system retarts.
i tried to put the hard drive from my other pc in and it gets all the way to the windows logo before it crashes :cry:
is it possible there is a boot block?
have updated the bios no joy

any help would be great
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Wish I could buy that mobo... Unfortunately, r2.0 can't be found yet in my part of the world (I'm hoping it will be availble come june, but somehow I doubt it will be available before september - cause vendors won't bother to import it before summer holidays end, if then even)...
Anyway, I found a reference about the board on the net as having the same problem as r1.0 that it won't boot properly after hw change (think it's monitor change) before u reset ur bios?!
Considering u did a bios flash I doubt that's ur problem, but I was guessing it wouldn't hurt to tell u about this problem, just in case u didn't know it...
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Not sure if it's what your problem is, but, when I was beta testing
Windows 2003 I had a similar problem, turned out that the boot block
antivirus was enabled in the bios, as soon as the setup attempted to
set the partition as active, the system turned off.
I turned the bios antivirus off & setup continued.
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