ECS RC410-M2 v1.0 mobo

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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Have an ECS RC410-M2 v1.0 motherboard. No case.
I believe it to be an OEM version, possibly Packard Bell.

1. I am aware, PB use this board in their PC product line
so far as they refer to using an ECS RC410 in the iStart PC from 2006;
2. But I cannot find any reference to an RC410 on the ECS website;
3. The ECS S/N is on the printer port connector and;
3. The board has a decal on the board with the following details;
M/B S/N - MBP220700153500535EL00

Is this a Packard Bell number?

Until such time as I can establish whether (not) PB are referring to the
RC410-M2, as the board is presently dead, I require to get the correct
BIOS first to test the mobo further.

Any help appreciated.
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I found it on the ECS website here.
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Thanks for that

I have resweated the caps on the board and can get the CPU to spin up.
Also, I found two bad pins on the s775 and very gently tried to get
these back into profile.

Using my POST card, I believe I get a CPU reset at boot but the BIOS will
not load. Correct me if wrong but the LED on the POST card flashing
a reset infers the CPU to be seated ok or is it simply that the reset
pin on the s775 device - a SLZ9 is ok?
see ... 9&OrdCode=

I rec'd this board as dead - so... do not know if the BIOS image that
came with the board is the right one. Hence, my suspicion as to whether (not) the board is an OEM remains. However, I did take a copy of the
original BIOS image.

Interestingly both of the BIOS images on the ECS website have version data (taken from offset 0007FFD0-0007FFFF) as follows;

1. version 1.0E dated 2005/10/24 on website, file - 410S1024.ROM
0007FFD0 - .... .... .... $BTS
0007FFE0 - 410S 1024 .... ....
0007FFF0 - .....10/24/05...

2. version v42406 dated 2006/04/24 on website, file - 41S11S00.ROM
0007FFD0 - .... .... .... $BTS
0007FFE0 - 41S1 1S00 ..$. CG.
0007FFF0 - .....04/24/06...

Given the above, the orig BIOS image the board came with details;
0007FFD0 - .... .... .... $BTS
0007FFE0 - 410M 0721 .... ....
0007FFF0 - .....07/21/05...

This is odd as the ECS website does not detail any BIOS date
such as this for that board. Of course, it may be the original BIOS is
and was incorrect in the first instance, or, alternatively not.

So... I checked the ECS website and found nothing.
Did a google with 410M 0721 and found; en Francais!
Ctrl-F the page with 410M0721 and a dump (dmesg?) finds;
ACPI: DSDT - Differentiated System Description Table as 410M0721

Above this line is OEM BIOS module information.
Would you consider my hypothesis as with the board is an OEM is sound?

The other link Google finds is a reference to Acer as with an Everest
system audit, again, en Francais which references an Ordinateur (Computer) as
an Acer ACER-A38B4A0260. Further, the Carte mère (motherboard) heading does not
detail a name for same as with Nom de la carte mère (Name of the motherboard) as
unknown (Inconnu).

The interesting point is the BIOS date i.e. AMI 07/21/05. This might be
the orig. BIOS date as referred to above.

Of course, try the Acer website and nil tech support - typical - only system names

I will reimage the BIOS chip with this orig image and see if it will boot.
I will let you know how I progress - l8r....

Any help and insight appreciated - thanks
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To follow up so to speak,

I have searched the list at KURIAKI BIOS for Acers but cannot find a match
I got a quick revision of acpidump here;
see ... d=acpidump

Having put the old, original BIOS back in the board and powered up, it,
that is the board remains dead. I have reviewed the POST card settings
and find;

+12V - good
-12V - good
-5V/3.3V - good
+5V - good

Sys Led - on
Clk Led - on
IOW Led - off
Osc Frame - on
Rst - flashes every 5/6 secs
Bios Rdy - off
Data - on

It appears I was incorrect with my diagnosis of the problem, as the
RST LED continues to flash, I suspect the problem may be the s775 socket
and the bent pin issue after all. This is indicative of the board
staying at CPU reset in the boot sequence - I undestand it should
only boot once and commence with the BIOS iamge load into memory.

How are s775 sockets replaced - I haven't an earthly?

Thanks for all the help
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A further update.
The mobo I have in my possession has a BIOS TBL jumper as
well as a TBD jumper. The first is a three-pin and is currently
jumpered as 1-2. The other is merely a 2-pin jumper and
is closed.

I do not know what these are and the ECS manual for the board
does not refer to them at all.

Any help appreciated
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