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I'm trying to get linux to run on a set top box. It has a 830m chipset with a celeron 733, with ac97 sound. It came originally with a bios that would only boot windows CE. I flashed a bios from a similar box ( AMI bios ) and now I can boot and run linux. The only problem is that the sound is muted, it can just be heard , but at whisper levels. I think the problem maybe that my board uses a sigmatel 9767, but the AMI bios is setup for a realtek ALC650 sound chip. If I boot xubuntu it sets up a sigmatel 9767, but slax sets up a realtek. Do you think that editing the bios to change the vendor and device id would solve this? Would AMIMMWIN be the right tool to use? Would you suggest any other fixes. ( I tried every setting in alsamixer, unmuted different channels but to no effect) Here is more info . Thanks for any help
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