VBIOS patch for K2-GL6E mobo

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I uninstalled the SiS driver again.

Rebooted and when the new hardware wizard came up I selected the sisgr.inf driver at ..\Setup\WinXP_2K\ (in the location where I extracted the uvga3_373.zip driver).

Windows installed the driver and then I rebooted again.

Same initial situation again: 800x600 and 1024x768 only.

If I do the registry change that cp recommended it'll come back with an additional res: 1280x768, but when I try to change the display to it it'll come with the format not supported crap.

Maybe this Sylvania needs a special monitor driver. I've tried to find one on the web unsuccessfully.
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Hmmm, maybe a refresh rate problem ? Try to set a fixed refresh rate of 60 Hz
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