Modifying motherboard BIOS to recognize pci sata card

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I bought a cheap pci sata card off ebay that has the via vt6421a chipset and I'm guessing it is unbootable as the card is not recognized on bootup. I have tried installing Windows many times on this card but it never works. I have read up on this and found that these cheap cards usually do not have a BIOS on them. I want to try to flash the motherboard's BIOS with an integrated .rom in the .bin.

My motherboard is a MSI 6701. It has Phoenix/Award BIOS and I used cbrom.exe to modify the .bin. The problem is I don't have enough space in the .bin file to integrate the .rom. It says there is not enough space (over 4025h bytes). I want to know if there is anything I can delete to make it fit. Here is a picture of the dos prompt window I'm working in: ... _761lo.JPG

I can remove the EPA logo but that's less than 1K so it doesn't really help. I think I read somewhere I can remove the pxerpl.rom module but I'm not sure. It looks important. If anyone can take a look I'd really appreciate it. I included links to all the files I used. I included links to all the files I used.

cbrom: (use cbrom.exe)

vt6421 rom: ... (6421V431.rom)

motherboard bin file: ... xe&lang=uk (W6701MLN.218)

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PXE RPL is for booting from your network card. If you are sure you do not use that ever, you can take it out.

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