Adding code to aptio bios (VT Technology)?

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i am owner of MSI GX600 laptop, which uses Aptio BIOS
Bios filename:

This laptop is able to use Intel VT technology by modifying MSR table (on both cores). Register 0x3a have to be set to 0x0/0xD. When i modified it in linux, everything went fine and vt was functional, but if i try to modify in windows (by kernel debugging, or kernel driver) no change happens. Instruction WRMSR ends with message "no such MSR".

Is possible to add code to this bios, which will set these registers at every boot? Or can it be done with some kind of bootloader?

Thanks for your answers
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I think I can patch your BIOS to enable VT.
If you want to try modded BIOS, post your reply here.
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