ECS K7Som+ V5.2C can't get to 1280x720

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Congratulations for the well structured and useful forum. Read many posts and got excited about the possibility to get a solution. So here's my case:

Mobo: ECS K7Som+ V5.2C
Monitor: AOC 716Sw
Bios version: Updated to the version found on this forum
VBios version: According to windows is 2.30.01

After some unsucessfull attempts I decided to do a brand new Windows installation.
So this is what was done:

1) Install WinXP/Pro SP3
2) Install Monitor drivers found on AOC website
3) Install Chipset drivers found on "" package
(rebooted after installation)
4) Install UniVGA3 3.73 found on "" package
(rebooted after installation)
And then the SiS logo appeared on the systray.
Resolution was still 800x600.
5) I checked on Device manager and the monitor was set to "Plug and play monitor".
I updated the monitor driver, "Have disk" option, and booted again.
6) Now, "Device Manager" correctly reports a 716Sw AOC monitor but "Display properties" reports a "standard monitor on SiS 650_651_M650_M652_740"
The resolution slider allows me to choose only 800x600 and 1280x720 resolutions.
When I choose 1280x720 res, image gets black bars on top and bottom. Monitor issues message: Input not supported.
On "Display properties>Advanced>Monitor" tab it also shows me "standard monitor" with the properties button disabled.
Refresh rate is 60Hz
7) Tested monitor on other machine with new GeForce GPU and it runs ok on the native (1280x720) resolution at 60Hz.

Can you please help me with further suggestions?

Many thanks in advance,
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The problem is that the native resolution of the AOC 716Sw is 1280x720. the SiS video bios obviously doesn't know anything about it. it just adds support for 1440x900 and 1680x1050 (reported working resolutions).
there are three solutions to your problem:
1. buy a new computer without SIS chip
2. buy an add-on card without SIS chip
3. use Linux and its excellent 3rd party drivers
If you email me include [WIMSBIOS] in the subject.
New visitors - please read the rules.
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And in my innocence I thought a lower resolution would be automatically supported...

Sirs, thanks for your attention. I will try to find an off board PCI video card supporting the monitor's resolution.
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