SiS VGA BIOS patch for ECS L4S5MG3/GX+ doesn't work

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I want make my old PC supporting widescreen. Followed the instructions, I completed following steps:
1. Downloaded the INF file for the monitor, my monitor is HP 2159m
2. Upgraded the BIOS with the file downloaded from Wim's BIOS site. It was going smooth, the VGA BIOS now is ver 2.30.01
3. Installed the driver of SIS UniVGA3 3.73

My operation system is winxp sp3. While after those work done,the PC still does not support the widescreen. The other options of resolution in configration page are all for normal screen.

Is there anyone tested the BIOS patch for ECS L4S5MG3/GX+? How about your result, does it work?
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Normally, the answer would be:
1. Install the .inf file for your monitor
Go to the download location of the file in windows explorer. Select the file, click right button on mouse, select Install, click left button on mouse. Reinstall the SiS VGA drivers once more, reboot and try again.

However, even with the latest video bios update, the maximum resolution will be below the native 1920x1080 for your monitor ... r1002_caen

In this case, we strongly advise you to put in an add-in video card that actually supports this resolution. It will greatly improve the picture quality, this resolution simply is not supported by any SiS graphics chip, hardware limit.

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Tried, but the result is still negtive.
I will consider your advice, thank you.
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