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Greetings All,
Although the system is server based, using Supermicro X10SLH-F board, Intel Xeon E3 1231v3 cpu, and WS2012 R2, its function is solely as a dedicated MUSIC SERVER.

There are 3 Drives: SSD, HDD, Optical.
The SSD holds the OS. The HDD only stores files for playback. The Optical is used solely for ripping cd’s.

The Supermicro board uses AMI BIOS.

It is imperative that the BOOT sequence NOT boot the SSD & HDD DIRECTLY IN SEQUENCE!

At this time, I am in a position to do with the Bios as I like, i.e. set it up to incorporate the above requisite.
To be clear: just because I built this server, does NOT mean I’m a PC Tech or IT Specialist :) , far from it; and entering the BIOS to effect changes is always done with a degree of trepidation and anxiety!

Via the Aptio SETUP UTILITY, I proceeded to BOOT. From BOOT, entered BOOT PRIORITY and there, for the first two options set: 1st Boot Device as the SSD (P5)
set: 2nd Boot Device as the OPTICAL (P3)

However, I never seem to be able to see all three drives listed together to ensure that the SSD and HDD are booted with SOMETHING/ANYTHING in between them, e.g. Optical Drive. My concern/fear therefore is, that with the GIVEN BOOT PRIORITY (above – SSD followed by Optical), perhaps the HDD is booted JUST PRIOR to the SSD within the general Boot Sequence (I think I’m concocting a term here), such that the HDD is booted DIRECTLY PRIOR to the sequence that initiates the DEVICE BOOT SEQUENCE, meaning that the HDD would, by that conjecture, be in DIRECT SEQUENCE with the following SSD Boot Priority; and that MUST NOT happen!

It doesn't matter HOW this is accomplished, perhaps the HDD can be booted on AFTER everything else, or the very first of all things, as long as it is NOT IN DIRECT SEQUENCE with the SSD. And, just maybe, by the above-listed "BOOT PRIORITY" I've managed to accomplish that, but WHERE is the HDD in all this?

Can someone set me straight on this – definitively?
Many Thanks.
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We may have a few different options to achieve this. But first and foremost we need to know WHY you want the other boot device inbetween. Is it just for the delay? Is it to make sure you can boot from a different media in case of an emergency? What exactly are you trying to achieve as there may be a better way to take care of this.

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