512/pc133 SDRAM halved on a PCChips M754 mobo

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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soupy wrote:Why do so many people use Sandra? She sucks. :x
Yep - Aida32 is much better in Diagnostics operations
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KachiWachi wrote:http://users.erols.com/chare/chipsets.htm shows ALi Aladdin Pro II (M1621/M1543) can take 8 rows at 16Mb and 64Mb technology (memory).

64Mx64-bit, 16 chips at 32x8-bit, (8Mx8-bit x 4 bank) is a typical 512MB module...
now that's a pretty documented link, thanks.

for a fact, the seller of my RAM gave me this link to check my board:
http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts. ... &submit=Go
funny enough these ppl actually offer upgrades with 512MB memory for my kind of board.. damn am i out of luck or what.
Me thinks SANDRA hiccuped...check what chipset is actually installed
it think it choked, i thought Sandra was pretty good, but up to this point. actually the chipset info seems right..
BTW, how do you like your Traveler? Mine burnt up (batteries only...can still use on PC) so they sent me a ClickSmart 510 as a free replacement...
i also use it on pc only, for chat. doesn't pay the effort for outdoors :)
Denniss wrote: Yep - Aida32 is much better in Diagnostics operations
i wish i knew this before, thanks for the tip.

here's what Aida saw in my box:
http://www11.brinkster.com/pcguru/Aida3 ... 032003.htm

i guess that's the most info that i can provide at this point, what choices do you think i have to make it use that RAM?
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If you haven't already, go over to The PCChips Lottery and its Discussion Board and see what you can find over there. They seem to indicate a 05/11/2001S BIOS date is the latest available...

I'm still confused about EXACTLY what chipset you have there, since a ALi Aladdin Pro II [M1621, M1543] is for a P-II Dual and a ALi Aladdin TNT2 [M1631, M1535D, TNT2 AGP, UMA] is for a P-III Celeron...

As for the Traveler/ClickSmart 510... Yeah...but you only get what you pay for...not bad for $150 US. Which software are you using for it? You can PM me about this so as not to pollute this thread...
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