Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
#69651 by x58 haze
Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:36 pm
Hello Everyone I wanted to know how can I properly know if my pair of ram are actually properly detected or by example how can i know if my motherboard Asrock b350 fatal1ty is properly assign the real Stock timings to my pair of rams: patriot 3200 mhz models PV48-g320c6k 16-16-16-18

I-m written this because i not a satisfied user, i have a ryzen cpu 5 1600 stock clock 3.2 and rams 2135 stock, without using the XMP 2.0 profile, and i dont know i feel like my PC is not good, i feel like visual lag, or poor frame-rate even if frame rate (fps) are high or steady or consistent, games seems awful... like Visual lag :/

I dont get stuttering is like games behaved slow, the mouse sensation, the visual things at my monitor, i know my monitor is not 144hz but at least is a Syncmaster T200 g 1680x1050 2ms 60hz up to 75, and thinks is that when i just shut down my pc for 7-8 hours and it boot, the first 20/30 minut pc feels so good, but them plop it decrease, :/

So i was wondering can this be because of maybe motherboard doesnt assign properly timings for Ram? even in stock? like bad TFAW or TRCP? or idk?

I have everything new in my hardware except the: Power supply and my monitor
But the thing can a PSU even with good reads of 12 v 3.3 or 5v can that be the culprit of poor performance?

or can be the case itself? i always ensure to check things like: RJ-45 Cable ethernet that is not so longer, i ensure about disconnecting onboard Lan network integrated, to test a USB Ethernet card instead, i have tried many thing , but problem persist, i was wondering if that the PSU? or something in AMD BIOS?

sorry for being annoying but i really need help, thanks.