Wim's BIOS Forum Rules

Please read the forum rules before posting. Not reading this could get you banned.
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To maintain the quality of postings at Wim's BIOS Forum, please follow the below rules:

1. Don't cross-post the same topic to more than one forum. Don't start a new thread for the same topic.

2. Don't use profanity and be polite.

3. Check the forum categories to see in which one your post fits. This saves us having to move your post if it's in the wrong forum.

4. Read the relevant sections of the FAQ before posting. They're listed under the Forum names. Also read the Collected Wisdom forum.

5. Try to detail what steps you have already taken in your problem solving. This saves us having to ask.

6. All posts should be in English.

7. Don't email or PM the mods BIOS questions unless asked to.

8. Try a forum search before posting.

9. Don't ask us to walk you through a BIOS update - it's clearly explained in both the FAQ and the Collected Wisdom forum.

10. Some forums have posting guidelines. Please follow them, or risk having your post deleted.

11. Use your real email address. If our mods try to email you and it's fake, we'll be very displeased.

12. If you post links in your message, your message may require moderator approval (especially if you're a new user). (spam prevention). Please don't use a signature as a way to link to websites which are not related to BIOS.

signatures and moderator approval?

13. Don't spam the forum with advertisements, you'll be banned immediately.