How do I update/flash my dell inspiron bios without a batter

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I know this can be done! I keep seeing post about it but can't get it to work on my machine.
This is a real bummer, because I just bought windows vista and office 2007, the system check tells me I need to update my bios to run it.
I go to and download the bios update M061A17.EXE and run it on my laptop ( Dell Inspiron e1505) and it says I must have the battery fully charged and ac adapted plugged in to proceed. My battery stopped working long ago... I tried a replacement battery and resolved that something is wrong with the battery sensor on the motherboard.
So I am trying to find ways to update the bios, so I can get some use out of this nonreturnable OS that I just bought!

Things I have tried:
I have seen posts about making a boot disk and removing/changing the battery check command. Unfortunately, dell only offers the exe file at this level.
If you know where to get the bios update in boot disk format, that would be helpful.

I have tried running the exe in the command prompt adding "forceit" "forcetype" "/forceit /nopause" "/forceit /forcetype" (e.g. "mm061a17.exe /forceit"
I believe the trick is here somewhere, have the changed the switch/command?? is my syntax wrong??

Thats all I know to do, help from someone would be great! I'd really like to get some use out of the cash I just forked over for these programs.

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