750GB HDD isn't recognized in BIOS

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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Hey everyone,

I have a 750GB SATA HDD. When my PC was down for a couple weeks, I needed some files off my HDD, which is in an EZ Swap, so I tried to plug it into a friends PC to get what I needed off of it. He said that it would be okay to plug the HDD in with his computer running and before I could stop him, he plugged the power cable in and his computer shut off...and didn't turn back on until we unplugged the HDD. I then went back to my computer and tried to plug it in without the docking bay for the EZ Swap and my computer also wouldn't turn on, but once it's in the docking bay, the computer turns on but the HDD isn't recognized in the BIOS screen. Now I'm not very computer smart, I barely know enough to get by, but I was reading something on some other forums about it being a master or a slave, and I was wondering if by plugging it into my friends computer, would that have messed that setting up on mine. Please guys, anything you guys can come up with to help me fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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